Ok. This is a burger recipe. But it’s a SPECIAL burger recipe for two reasons. Firstly, once you try mustard-frying your patties, you’ll ever go back. And secondly, I have a go-to seasoning that has truly changed the game for me. I’ve partnered with Abuelito’s Sauces and Rubs (#ad) because I use their products so often, it just makes sense! But there’s one blend that I LITERALLY use every single day and it’s happily sprinkled into these burgers as well. It’s called The Standard and it’s the perfect blend of salt, pepper and garlic and it’s downright magical. Even the size of the crystals is perfection! You might be thinking, “Good idea! I’ll make my own!” Nope! I’m telling you, The Standard ratio of ingredients is delicately crafted, as you can see in the picture below. (Just get there’s. I promise it’s worth it.)

Ok now let’s talk turkey burgers!

Burgers are great anytime, any day. And if you’re more interested in the meat than the buns, put down the bread and pick up the fork and knife for this delectable mustard-fried keto version!

“Mustard fried? Why the heck would you do that?” Glad you asked! You might be surprised to learn that many of your favorite restaurant burgers are mustard-fried in order to provide a nice crust and a delicious touch of tang to the meat. I make a LOT of turkey burgers in this house and it’s the only way I do it now.

Let’s do this thing!!




Just for fun, I’ll show you what I made the other might using only my Standard seasoning from Abuelito’s, some poultry seasoning and a little thyme. I’ve NEVER had chicken thighs this good. I’ll post the recipe soon!