It’s chili season!! And if you ask me, it’s the best thing about the weather turning cold and the skies going from blue to grey. Ya’ got colorful leaves, ya’ got football games and ya’ got warm, zesty, comforting chili.

There’s a very good chance you have your own favorite chili recipe and sometimes they include special ingredients like dark chocolate and cinnamon. But I want to introduce to a different seasoning that adds an incredible depth of smokiness and a touch of sweetness to the meal and I promise you’ll love it.

It’s a Abuelito’s Cafe Blend coffee rub (#ad) and it CHANGES THE GAME. It’s another wonderful offering from this company that I’ve fallen in love with. Wendel, who created the seasonings and marinades, recommends it on steak but convinced me that it belongs in chili as well and boy was he right!

Are you ready to do this? Let’s go!