I’m Down with PVC Yeah You Know Me!

My buddy Vinnie Tortorich is the reason I try to stick to a grain-free life. I met him about 5 years ago on the Adam Carolla Show and, coming from the Snackwell’s and Diet Rite school of dieting, I thought he was crazy. After a little convincing, I gave it a try and lost 38 pounds. I believe in Vinnie and his message and trust him implicitly.

With immune health being more important than ever lately, I’m back on the vitamin train. I subscribed to Vinnie’s Pure Vitamin Club (at “full freight,” as Carolla would say) and now I’m an affiliate! That means that if you buy vitamins from PVC,  buy them through me! These vitamins are better than the overpriced stuff I’ve been tricked into taking in the past and wayyyy more absorbent and “cleaner” than the generic stuff I’ve been ingesting because of the cheap price tag. Come get the good stuff with me at a NORMAL price!

CLICK HERE to be taken to the page so you can see if it’s right for you! (I do the Multicap/B-12 tabs if you’re looking for something good to start with)…



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