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I’m Down with PVC Yeah You Know Me!

My buddy Vinnie Tortorich is the reason I try to stick to a grain-free life. I met him about 5 years ago on the Adam Carolla Show and, coming from the Snackwell’s and Diet Rite school of dieting, I thought he was crazy. After a little convincing, I gave it […]

Kale and Radish Stew

We’re now officially in Daylight Saving Time and there are STILL parts of the country that are covered in snow. Because I stand with those poor souls (AND because I was gifted a beautiful basket of fresh vegetables from a nearby garden), I decided to make a giant pot of […]

Homemade Ranch Veggie Dip

Being from Kansas, I have gone through about a million bottles of Ranch dressing in my life. But these days, I can’t remember the last time I bought a bottle of Ranch dressing from the store. I much prefer homemade for it’s freshness and lack of flavor chemicals and preservatives. […]