What is more universally loved than kabobs? They’re easy to make on the grill or in the oven and talk about versatile! Any protein, veggie (along with many fruits) and seasoning you can think of mixes beautifully on a kabob.

So why Cuban kabobs this time? I was approached by a very cool little company called Abuelito’s and I gave a bunch of their products a try. Some GREAT stuff! I used their Caribbean Heat Marinade and the Island Breeze rub for the kabobs.

Meanwhile, I love pairing meat with a little heat with a nice cool, creamy sauce. Enter, the cilantro avocado cream sauce. It is soooo smooth and tangy and garlicky and fabulous. I’m going to put it on salads, fish and yes, I shall be dipping chips in it this weekend! I used a recipe from the Sassy Spoon as a guide, but changed it up a bit for a slightly creamier, more mellow vibe.

First, let’s talk about the kabobs and then we’ll move onto the cream!








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  1. Oh, my wife is going to love you for this. Found you on Mark in the Morning. Love your Twitter post also.
    Life is good when there’s good food. Thank You for being you.


  2. Hi, Gina. Saw the men gobble this up on the show last night! Can’t wait to try it. The sauce looks sooo good and so versatile. Thanks so much!

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